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Ecumenical Group at the Salvation Army Church Warrington Road Prescot


JUNE 2021

After the short break earlier this year, the Foodbank in Prescot is back in business.

When we opened we were relatively quiet as at the time there were other options available for families short of food. Since then, Inevitably, we have become busier and are seeing some 'old friends' and many new faces.

Many of the agencies which issued vouchers for the Foodbank have been closed now for many months and although we are beginning to see a few vouchers again, most of our clients come with an emergency food supply code obtained by them by phoning the Knowsley food supply number (0151 538 8242)

A recent development has been that we are seeing Asylum Seeker families. Life is being made increasingly difficult for them and many families have been placed in our area.

The philosophy of the Foodbank is that we help families with emergency food supplies in the short term, while also trying to offer advice regarding employability, debt management etc. This is obviously not appropriate for our Asylum Seekers as they are not allowed to work or to claim benefits.

We are very happy to be able to support these people, especially since the Drop in at our Methodist Centre has not been able to operate since the beginning of the pandemic. It does however present some challenges in communication - but where there's a will there's a way!

Another change is, that whereas in the pre COVID era we had 5 teams of volunteers on a 5 weekly rota. We now only have 2 teams coming on alternate weeks. In addition we currently have volunteers coming each week, before we are open to clients, to help us sort out our food delivery and to pre-pack food parcels. We continue to operate rather differently with the clients remaining outside the building in order to minimise contact. This is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

We would be delighted to welcome more volunteers. Ideally we would like to have 3 teams, allowing us to have a 3 weekly rota rather than alternate weeks. Should anyone feel they might like more information about joining us please make contact vi our email address and your details will be passed to the team leaders.

Meanwhile, thanks to everyone for continuing support.

Pictured below are  the new Prescot Town Mayor Christopher Krelle on his first official visit with Major Bryn Hargreaves and  Pam and Hope , Foodbank Team Leaders. 

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