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Everyone welcome when we start back on 14th September

The Knit and Natter group has been busy for a few years and before COVID numbers were growing. We look forward to starting up again very soon.

We enjoy a couple of hours on Tuesday mornings between 9.30 and 11.30am when we knit, crochet, sew and of course natter. many items have been finished during the pandemic which we look forward to seeing.

All our finished items have been sent to needy folk in many parts of the world including Croatia, Ukraine, Uganda, Malawi, Honduras, Philippines and Syria as well as several organisations in the UK. We usually use donated wool and through contacts send finished goods as quickly awe can to those who need them.

Where possible our contacts bring photographs of the recipients accepting the gifts or we receive Thankyou cards or letters.  We thoroughly enjoy meeting our contacts personally and hearing accounts of how the gifts are passed on and used. The smiling faces of children receiving blankets and jumpers are sufficient to spur us all on to make more.

Some of our supporters knit, sew and crochet from, as it were, afar and send the items to the group. In this way folk who are possibly unable to meet with us all, feel that they have a contribution to make.

Donations of wool are received from those who wish to take part in the work and these generous gifts are readily used up in colourful blankets, tops and hats.

Through 'nattering' our group meets many of our own needs, as we share joys and sorrows. support each other and deepen friendships, Some folk often visit the group simply to natter and they too are very welcome.


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Party time

Note all the cakes on the table - its not all knit and natter, there's sometimes treats too

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